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DAHS 2017-2018 Principal’s Message


As another year has come to a close, it has been a pleasure to have worked with students, staff, and families of Dr. Arthur Hines School.  We have worked collaboratively toward student success in learning by providing the best academic, social, emotional, and behavioural support for all students with high expectations for respect and open communication among the whole school community.

We are very fortunate to have ongoing support from our community partners from The Hants Shore Community Health Centre, for our breakfast, lunch, Active Healthy Kids programs, and our school garden. This year, we increased our school lunch program to five days a week. This proved to be very successful. Through grants and donations, we are proud to be able to sustain the program with healthy lunch and snack choices for students. The Health Centre employs summer students to help with maintaining the garden. This year we received from the Rotary Club, the Municipality of West Hants, the Hants Shore Community Health Center, the Shore Lodge Branch #134, numerous individuals from the community, and our generous government grants. We are very fortunate to have these supports in place. For the upcoming school year, we applied for, and received a grant for just over 1200 dollars which will go toward our breakfast and lunch programs.

In order to have a successful school community and welcoming school climate, it is important to build relationships and make connections with students, families and community members. Thank you to the parents and grandparents who offered their support this year in various ways. Also, thanks to the staff members who contributed their time to clubs, activities, and class trips. Thank you to all those staff members and students who planted vegetables and flowers in our gardens, and to several community members, Lance White and Bruce Wood, who helped with the garden preparation and yard work. Without these contributions, we would not be able to continue successfully with these projects. This year we continued with our skating and skiing programs, our annual Holiday concert, shopping party, and school dinner, cross country running meets, author workshops, drama performance, Future Farmers at the Hants County Exhibition grounds, the weir trip and Oaklawn Farm trip, the Learn to Fish Program and the Learn to Swim Program., to name a few. Next year, we hope to continue to provide similar enrichment opportunities.

As we look toward the fall, we wish teachers Mrs. Allison Friars and Miss Sara Boyd all the best at their new schools and also we wish educational assistant, Mrs. Jessica Pestill, much success in her future endeavors. We welcome Mrs. Jocelyn Hunter-Butler back to our school full time as the grade 3/4 teacher.  We also welcome Mrs. Erin Patstone to our school. Mrs. Patstone will be sharing the grade 1/2 classroom with Mrs. Margolian and she will be teaching French to both the grade 4 and grade 5 students in September. We are excited to have continued Math intervention support from Mrs. Kerry Pemberton. She will be teaching 50% here at DAHS and 50% at Windsor Elementary. Thank you sincerely to all my staff for your support this year. 

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer with your families and I will see you in September.



Ms. Shelley Regan






Dr. Arthur Hines School is located in Summerville, Hants Co., with a population of 96 students, 12 teaching staff, and 4 educational assistants. We are fortunate to have a dedicated staff, an active and supportive Parent Support Group and close affiliation with the Hants Shore Community Health Centre. The HSCHC provides support with our breakfast, lunch and Active Healthy Kids programs and personel to run these programs.